Danie Lefevre

Broker Associate



About Danie Lefevre

My biggest passion in life is seeing other people happy. Whether it is a friend coming to Colorado for the first time, a special celebration or finding a first time buyer a home in Boulder, I am truly happy seeing others smile and feel satisfied.

I have an amazing six year old who teaches me everyday about kindness, empathy and is a constant reminder of how we need to all be working together as a community to build each other up and take care of not only our mother earth but each other.

Prior to becoming an agent I worked in fashion, traveling all over the world. I learned at a very young age attitude is everything. I try to approach life with an enthusiastic mind set and believe in the power of attracting what you want in life. After taking a break from fashion to have my son, I worked as a bartender, which also meant I was a therapist, a mentor, a teacher, and a super hard worker. Noticing every detail to the dining experience. For years people would compliment me on my first class service.

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