A little about me

Being a great real estate agent fits my personality perfectly. I truly enjoy meeting new people every day and helping them pursue their real estate dreams. Seeing a client's excitement and appreciation when walking out of a closing is incredibly satisfying and addictive. I strive to reach this goal without adding unnecessary drama to the transaction. In addition, I am self-motivated and I have a strong work ethic, so a commission-based business is the only way for me.

Because PorchLight understands the value of integrity in business. I cannot overstate the importance of honesty and integrity to me. In addition, they understand what it takes to succeed and they provide me with the tools needed to do just that. Lastly, they provide unsurpassed tools and information to my clients, which ultimately helps my clients reach their real estate goals.

Just south of DU in the Englewood neighborhood of Hampden Hills. It is located immediately west of University between Dartmouth and Hampden. The homes are all 1950s ranches with nice sized yards. It is a small little patch of Englewood driven by sought-after schools—Cherry Hills Village Elementary, West Middle and Cherry Creek High. I prefer a more traditional style of decorating. Not elaborate or fancy, but clean and classic.

  1. Brand new Patxi's Pizza and Glacier Ice Cream within walking distance.
  2. Undici Ristorante—Italian on E. Hampden (business) & Downing.
  3. The Pioneer—Surprisingly fantastic Mexican food.
  4. Jelly— Great DU breakfast restaurant.
  5. Jerusalem— Great DU Mediterranean restaurant.

In order: California, North Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, Michigan and Texas.

  1. Playing with my two boys.
  2. On a date with my wife.
  3. Attending a concert.
  4. At a Broncos game.
  5. Skiing.
  6. Running.

Enjoying each one of the seasons…for different reasons. I also love the combination of healthy lifestyle/outdoor living and downtown nightlife.

Either working in the car business or a graphic designer. Dream jobs would be either a fine artist or a Formula-1 race car driver.

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