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The Best Nail Salons in Denver and Boulder

Best nail salons in denver and boulder

Treat yourself to one of the best nail salons in Denver or Boulder. Our PorchLight agents not only look on-point but they are neighborhood experts and know just the place to go. Our team works hard to help every client achieve their real estate goals, so when they find time to relax and focus on taking care of themselves, they head to a tried and true nail salon. 

Boulder Real Estate Market Stats: June 2021

Boulder Real Estate Market June 2021, PorchLight Real Estate

So, what's happening out there for buyers and sellers? First, month-over-month, the average price for a detached, single-family home in both the city of Boulder and Boulder County as a whole decreased. In Boulder, prices dropped from $1,526,942 to $1,438,478. Across Boulder County, the average price dropped back under a million to $988,939. This is due to an influx of inventory. 

Denver Real Estate Market Stats: June 2021

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If you caught the latest real estate news, you might be wondering if a much-hyped market crash or bubble burst is imminent. However, as the halfway point of the year, June peaks (like a sharp inventory increase) help shape the natural, seasonal highs and lows of our market. Any cooling that we’ll see in the coming months will likely reflect the slowdown that happens every year.

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