Alamo Placita

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Now a historically designated area, Alamo Placita—which means “little cottonwood plaza” in Spanish—is a terrifically central neighborhood between 7th Avenue, Downing, Broadway, and the town-crossing diagonal avenue, Speer. Positioned on several bus routes and just a short ten-minute ride from Downtown Denver, this area also happens to be one of the most walkable in the city.

From the Trader Joe’s and assortment of restaurants at 7th and Logan, to the pocket of commerce at 6th Avenue and Grant and continuing east along 6th Avenue, you’ll find a welcome assortment of eateries, retail, and services to make life easy. Head out for dinner and a movie; pick up groceries, flowers, and wine; or take your car in for a tune-up. Whatever you need, it’s all right here.

You’ll find a variety homes and multi-family dwellings in this charming neighborhood. Although brick bungalows dominate here, architectural styles range from the earlier Queen Anne Victorians to Denver squares and bungalows. The namesake park, poised in the center of this area, is often abloom with flowers and boasts a playground and basketball court.

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