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Between four of Denver’s primary thoroughfares, 23rd Avenue, Colfax, York, and Downing, lies City Park West, just up the hill from Downtown Denver and Uptown. City Park West has a thriving new district of its own, where a diverse mix of upscale dining, lively eateries, and funky cafes live side by side in perfect harmony.

The homes within City Park West span a broad spectrum, including Denver Squares, row homes, Victorians, apartment complexes, bungalows, and even Queen-Anne-style houses with friendly, plant-adorned front porches and balconies. Some historically grand and ornate homes are hidden here too, having been built during Denver’s early construction boom and serving as show homes for Denver’s most prominent families during that time.

The hospital complex in City Park West includes St. Joseph’s and Presbyterian/St. Luke’s where many residents work. Of course, all residents enjoy City Park, just a few short blocks to the east, with its rose gardens, summer concerts, museum, golf course, zoo, and expansive green lawn.

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