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Running along Denver’s northern central border is Elyria-Swansea, a large neighborhood on the precipice of big change—perhaps best known today as home to the National Western Stock Show and Denver Coliseum. Bisected by the I-70 overpass, the area is hardly a quiet suburb, but does offer some of the most affordable housing inside Denver proper and easy convenience to both the downtown area and all points along the I-70 corridor.

The neighborhood gets its rather odd name from the dual towns of Elyria and Swansea—both separate, incorporated towns that were annexed to Denver in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Swansea started as a smelting and mining town in the 1870s and took its name after the city of Swansea, Wales, while Elyria—named after the founder’s hometown of Elyria, Ohio—was more of a social hub, boasting its own fire house, school, city hall, saloons, shops and churches. After the Platte River was rerouted and railroads came to Denver, Elyria Swansea became increasingly industrial.

While the home styles here could certainly be called eclectic, and there are bungalows—and even a few Victorians—from the early 1900s to be found, the majority of the houses are more utilitarian cottage styles or even more recently built modular homes. Unfortunately, the area’s long history as more of an industrial outlier than true neighborhood is fairly evident in the condition of many of the homes. But with drastic redevelopment plans in the works for the National Western complex, and the heat of the RiNo district on its southwest border, Elyria Swansea might just be poised for a surge in popularity.

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