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Every year in July, Sloan’s Lake hosts the Dragon Boat Festival, where 100,000 people come to celebrate and experience Colorado’s Asian-Pacific culture, customs, and traditions. It is this creativity and open-armed welcoming attitude that give the Sloan’s Lake inclusive community its well-founded reputation.

Once two separate lakes—Cooper and Sloan—Sloan Lake now boasts 177 acres of surface area, and the surrounding park serves as a wildlife refuge and nature lover’s paradise. This lake is a focal point of the neighborhood bordered by West 29th Avenue, 17th Avenue, Federal, and Sheridan. From pedestrian trails and playgrounds to boat docks and tennis courts, this area is a terrific respite for Sloan’s Lake visitors and residents.

Primarily residential with the majority of homes built in the 1930s, Sloan’s Lake possesses pockets of architecturally stunning 19th century structures and includes an eclectic mix of houses on 14th Avenue and Stuart Street. Visit nearby Highlands Square, where you’ll discover plenty of great restaurants, pubs, and charming boutiques.

With access to I-25 and I-70, stunning mountain views, and a 10-minute ride to Downtown Denver, Sloan’s Lake is a convenient, affordable, and diverse mile-high neighborhood.

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  • Diverse
  • For Food Lovers
  • Great Parks

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