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A neighborhood adjacent to City Park—which includes the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the golf course, and the Denver Zoo—Whittier is an often overlooked, but wonderful location—and it’s more affordable than other residential hubs around the park. Here, you’re close enough to Colfax and Colorado Boulevard to take advantage of the retail, restaurants, and amenities, yet removed enough to enjoy the calm. Whittier is a little retreat in the midst of the bustling city.

This historic Denver area, named after Greenleaf Whittier, an American poet and abolitionist, lies between Martin Luther King, 23rd Avenue, York, and Downing. Whittier’s population has grown considerably since it was first designed as an elite Capitol Hill “suburb” over a century ago. Marked by the historically significant St. Ignatius Loyola church, as well as other red-brick churches, twin bell towers, and tree-lined streets, the neighborhood is predominantly comprised of 20th century single-family homes, some quite grand. Whittier is a quiet, convenient, and exceptionally central place to call home. 23rd Avenue and Martin Luther King provide quick commutes to both Downtown Denver and the light rail station at 29th Avenue and Downing.

With its own parks, library, schools, off-leash dog area, and community garden, Whittier is a neighborhood that is rapidly coming into its own.

Lifestyle Attributes

  • Diverse
  • For Food Lovers
  • Great Parks
  • Hip
  • Historic
  • Lively

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